BMW S1000RR Swingarm extensions

BMW S1000RR Bolt On Swingarm Extensions

Make your BMW S100RR a little longer, a little leaner, and a little meaner with Roaring Toyz Bolt On Swingarm Extensions.  Roaring Toyz Swingarm extensions enable you to extend your swingarm 2-7” over the stock wheelbase.

Roaring Toyz parts are machined in house in Sarasota, Florida using top grade 6061 T6 Billet Aluminum. Owner Rober Fisher has spent ten years testing and engineering Roaring Toyz parts on racebikes and turbo bikes to ensure each part features uncompromising strength, performance and durability.

When purchasing swingarm extensions it is critical to realize this is a major chassis component; cheaper products are available, but they cost less for a reason. Poor quality material and sloppy engineering will result in failure, and failure on the track or highway can have horrifying results. Roaring Toyz parts cost a little more because they have been carefully engineered and tested, and are crafted from the best material available so you can have complete trust in our product.

Our same extensions run exclusively on Ricky Gadson’s Drag Race School Motorcycles; at 200 mph you can guarantee that Rickey expects his parts to perform. Roaring Toyz BMW S1000RR Bolt On Swingarm Extensions come with billet brake caliper hanger and are designed to work with the factory ABS and Traction Control Parts.

Part# RTB550RT  Price $399.99



Why O.S.D.? (Outside Drive)

“Motorcycles are made to be ridden and ridden hard. We make the parts so you can do that. Same goes with the bikes we build, we want the customer to ride them, not drag them around inside of a trailer!” exclaimed Robert Fisher, Founder of Roaring Toyz.

That statement pretty much explains why O.S.D. or Outside Drive has become one of the most innovative products that Roaring Toyz has to offer. With 15 years of AMA road racing experience, Robert Fisher always has handling and longevity in the back of his mind. You can’t win the race if the parts don’t hold up.

What has that got to do with stretched out, slammed to the ground, phat tire custom sportbikes? Everything…but it is still a mater of choice on why you built that one of a kind custom bike. Don’t get me wrong, there is still a place for Jackshaft swingarms running 330-360 tires. It is about the only choice you have if you really want to go BIG.
You just have to remember the nature of the beast, the bigger tire you go, the more weight you are going to have and the handling characteristics are going out the window.

O.S.D. has really been around for about 35 years in the drag racing world. It was the only way to accommodate the big car tire bikes without adding a lot of weight. Roaring Toyz took the idea and refined it as they do with everything at the shop. It still goes back to the opening statement, “Motorcycles are made to be ridden and ridden hard”.

You may not have ever ridden a big tire bike utilizing the jackshaft swingarm, so let me enlighten you with some facts.

  • Jackshaft swingarms use 2 chains to get the power to the rear sprocket.
  • The first chain is very short and has little slack in it. The chain gets very hot.
  • The jackshaft has 2 sprockets on it that are always under extreme pressure and tension.
  • You will be changing jackshafts and bearings if you ride the bike hard and long.
  • Another characteristic is throttle control. On and off the throttle can seem like you are     pulling a trailer or someone just threw out the boat anchor when you come to a stop light.
  • Jackshaft swingarms are heavy. Let’s just say it, big tire jackshaft bikes for cruising up and down Main Street, but I wouldn’t take them on a long trip! It’s all about choice though because they are about as badass as they come!

When you talk to Robert Fisher about O.S.D., he gets a glimmer in his eye and starts talking about it likes it a brand new baby boy that just came into his family…he is proud of it. It has taken a lot of R&D, trial and error and watching the little details that has made this such a great product. He just doesn’t cut any corners.

“What can I say; the O.S.D. has put the drivability back into the big tire bikes!
You have taken a lot of weight away and at the same time made the bike feel a whole lot better on the road. You are going to be saving money in the long run because there are fewer parts to wear out. It is one trick looking system…we start with a CNC machined 6061 billet aluminum cover that supports an offset front sprocket made from 8620 steel and it runs a single chain to the final drive sprocket. The cover is bolted to the engine case and the frame for strength and rigidity, it is bullet proof. You are going to get more horsepower to the rear wheel and the bike is going to feel more neutral in its handling.
We also make sure it is a true bolt-on kit!”

What sets Roaring Toyz apart from the rest of the pack is they are innovators always looking for better ways to do things. They have the knowledge and the tools to do it.
They could probably do some products in a cheaper manner, but would you want to ride a bike with cheap parts? If it says Roaring Toyz on it, you know you are getting an original, not a cheaper imitation.

So if you want to stand out in the crowd, the O.S.D. kit is the way to go. Not only will it look good, it will handle even better, so give the rest of the bikes a chance to catch up before you tell them you bought it at Roaring Toyz!

O.S.D 330 wide tire conversion kits now available for the following:

Coamo Crowds

Motorcycles in Coamo, Puerto Rico

In February 2011 we got the chance to enjoy the annual party that centers around the San Blas Half Marathon in Coamo, Puerto Rico. According to our historical fact-checker, this was the 49th year of the race that’s inspired locals to have their own massive celebration of all things motorcycle at the same time. Why not, right?

All along the race route people have staked out their party spots so there’s literally not an open parking spot anywhere along the road where the race takes place. People camp out along the road to watch the race and the parade of all manner of machines that cruise the route at the same time. Jeeps, cars, motorcycles, you name it — they were all out in force!

We cruised around Puerto Rico in a Polaris RZR and saw more bikes than we could count. Cruisers, sportbikes, customs — they were everywhere. If you can make it to the 50th annual event its worth the trip!

Check out some pics we shot…



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