240 Wide Tire Swingarms for Kawasaki ZX636 and ZX6R models


240 custom swingarm extended fat tire Kawasaki ZX636 ZX6R 2013 2014 2015

We now have custom 240 wide tire swingarm kits for the Kawasaki ZX636 model. Our Roaring Toyz swingarm kits are the highest quality available and the safest way to add a 240 wide tire to your custom Kawasaki Ninja ZX6R or 636. Available in lengths from +2 to +12 over lengths with all of our standard options.

Custom Wheels 240 fat tire swingarm kit ZX636 Zx6R 2013 2014 2015 2011 20122009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 Custom ZX636 Swingarm kit 240 fat tire wide

Our swingarms are built in house and come with all bearings, spacers and hardware needed for installation. Our complete kit for the Kawasaki Ninja ZX6R will include swingarm, fornt and rear custom forged aluminum wheels, rear tire, chain, sprockets, radial mount rear brake caliper, rear caliper hanger, rear rotor, rear brake line, chain sliders, brake line hose clamps and installation hardware.

Custom Kawasaki ZX636 ZX6R 636 240 wide tire swingarm kitKawasaki ZX636 Custom 240 swingarm extended wide tire fat PM Wheels 2013 2015 2014

Take a look at the precision built kits we have to offer. We are not the cheapest but we are the best!! If you want a top noth kit that fits correct with all high quality safe components give us a call.

Kawasaki ZX636 ZX6R Custom 240 wide tire swingarm kit Fat ExtendedKawasaki ZX6R ZX636 636 Ninja Custom  240 Wide Tire Swingarm Extended Wheels

For questions or more info give us a call at 941-953-4423 or email Robert@roaringtoyz.com



2015 2016 Yamaha R1 r1M Lowering Links now available

2015 Yamaha R1 Billet Lowering Links YZF 1000 2016

We now have billet lowering links for the new 2015 and 2016 model Yamaha R1 and R1M. These links are CNC machined here in house in the USA and offer a 1.125″ drop in the rear. These links offer the maximum amount of lowering safely possible for this model. The new R1 only allows for a 1.125″ drop in the rear safely. This model has a clearance issue between the rear shock reservoir and the top of the swingarm when the rear end is compressed. We are working on custom swingarms for the R1 that will allow for more lowering without the conflict as well as stretched and wide tire swingarms for those who want more custom!

2015 2016 Yamaha YZF R1 Lowering links Billet Dogbones lower drop dropped 1.25 inch2015 2016 Yamaha R1 Lowering Links Billet YZF 1000 R1

2015 2016 Yamaha YZF R1 Billet Lowering Links Lowered Dogbones Custom2015 Yamaha YZF R1 Lowering Links Link Linkage Dogbone Billet Reace Dragrace 2016

You can order the linbks on our webstore here: http://www.buynowroaringtoyz.com/2015_2016_Yamaha_YZF_R1_M1_1_125_Lowering_Links_p/rty728.htm

Call 941-953-4423 for more info or to order

Stretch and Lower your sportbike with Roaring Toyz Custom Components ZX14R ABS Now Available

2015 Kawasaki ZX14R Extended Bolt On Swingarm Extensions lowered kickstand

For over 15 years Roaring Toyz has work to deliver the highest quality, safest, most reliable custom components available for your sportbike. For the new 2014-2015 Kawasaki Ninja ZX14R ABS we now have a complete stretch kit available that includes our billet bolt on swingarm extensions, extended heavy duty X-Ring chain and ABS stainless steel rear brake line.

Kawasaki ZX14R ZX14 swingarm Extensions Extended Custom ABS Traction Control 2014 2015ZX14R Swingarm Extensions License Plate Bracket Tag Lowering Links Kickstand Billet Custom

Our kit includes our world famous billet bolt on swingarm extensions. CNC machined here is house in the USA from the highest quality matrials our extensions are made to have an exact fit and be secure for you to race on. There are the same extensions used by Kawasaki factory racer Ricky Gadson on his dragrace school machines. Good enough for a 9 time world champion should explain the quality and performance of our product! We use high quality X-Ring chain built for the power of modern day sportbikes to hold up and perform. Our stainless steel rear brake lines are also top quality so when it comes time to stop you are in good hands.

Billet Bolt On swingarm extensions Lowering Links Kickstand License plate tag bracket ZX14 ZX14R

When extending your sportbike there are several things to consider. On your factory bike your swingarm points down. This is called swingarm pivot downslope. What this means is as you extend your swingarm your bike will get taller. To compensate for this you will need lowering links. We offer a whole range of different lowering links for many different motorcycles.  When lowering your bike you will also need to consider a lowering kickstand. This will keep your bike from standing up to straight after lowering and will keep it from falling over.  Last when you stretch your bike your rear wheel will now be where your stock license plate sits. For this we make a passenger peg mount tag bracket that relocates your tag to the side of your bike and it has an LED light included.

2015 Kawasaki ZX14R stretch lower Extensions swingarm lowering links kickstand Dragrace custom

email us at Robert@roaringtoyz.comor give us a call for questions details or to order at 941-953-4423

2015 Custom Polaris Slingshot for Sale Turbo, Custom Paint, Custom Wheels Plus Plus $39500

Polaris Slingshot custom Black Wheels 10 Spoke Forged Racing 19x8.5 front 19x12 rear wide tire 325Polaris Slingshot Custom Wheels Rims Tirers 20 Inch 22 fat wide chrome

Performance for dollar this is one of the baddest vehicles you can buy. This Polaris Slingshot is turbo charged and makes 285 HP with 329 Ft pounds of Torque. This Slingshot will get more attention than any exotic sports car and is more fun to drive for a small fraction of the price! High end custom paint with candy metal flake blue, ice pearl white and charcoal grey graphics run throughout the car. The paint on this car is highly detailed and stand this Slingshot apart from any other. The car now has forged aluminum racing wheels wrapped in Toyo R888 race compound tires to keep it hooked up with the new power adder. Looks, style and performance all for only $39500  Call Robert Fisher at Roaring Toyz for more info at 941-953-4423

Watch for more pics and video coming soon.

Custom Polaris Slingshot for Sale


Our OSD [outside drive] 300 & 330 swingarm kits allow for the shortest fat tire custom bikes

Custom Suzuki Hayabusa 330 Single Sided Swingarm Kit +4 Over

For those who want a Fat Tire but just don’t want their bike extended long Roaring Toyz has the answer. We worked hard for several years to develop our OSD [outside drive] kit. This kit allows the use of a 300 or 330 wide rear tire without using a jackshaft. This offers many advantages but one of them being a short wheelbase. Our OSD kit allows your swingarm to be as short as +2 over stock while current jackshaft designs require a minimum of +8 over. This means +2, +4 and +6 swingarms are now available for Suzuki Hayabusa, Kawasaki ZX14, Kawasaki ZX10 2011-2015 and Suzuki GSXR 1000 2001-2008 models.

Suzuki Hyabusa 330 Swingarm Kit +2 Over Stock +2 over 330 fat tire swingarm kit OSD on Hayabusa Custom

Our OSD not only allows for a short wheelbase but delivers more horsepower to the rear wheel with more reliability than jackshaft set ups. By running only a single chain like standard motorcycles front the countershaft sprocket to the rear sprocket our wide tire kits drives like normal. The push pull fight of the two chain system found on jackshaft swingarms is eliminated.

2012 Suzuki Hayabusa Custom GSXR Tail 4 Inch Over Single Sided Swingarm 300 Raer Wide Tire KitCustom White Hayabusa 300 Wide Tre SSS +4 Over Black Anodized GSXR 1000 Tail Conversion Kit

Our swingarms are available in standard double sided configuration or our billet single sided set up for an even better look. Our kits do not come cheap but the quality and reliability is worth the cost. Our kits save money time after time. If you have ever owned a jackshaft style swingarm you know. Jackshaft swingarms burn through chains and sprockets at a very fast rate costing $500-800 a whack. Jackshaft set ups are also a huge pain to adjust and maintain.

Suzuki Custom Haybausa +2 Over Chrome 330 swingarm wide tire kitSuzuki Hayabusa 330 +2 Over wide tire osd swingarm kit

Here we have posted pics of several different bikes with our OSD kits set up with short wheel base swingarms. Keep in mind we can build our OSD wide tire swingarm kits in lengths from 2-12 over stock so if you are looking for 8, 10 or 12 inches over we still have you covered.


2008 Custom ZxX14 OSD 330 Wide Tire Conversion Kit - SmallKawasaki ZX14 OSD single chain 300 330 swingarm kit OSD drive plate

Custom Suzuki GSXR 1000 with +2 Over 330 wide tire swingarm kit 300 Paint OSD +2 OverSuzuki GSXR 1000 330 wide tire swingarm Kit =2 over stock OSD


So above you can see a wide variety of custom bikes built using our OSD drive kits to add fat tires while keeping the wheelbase and swingarm short as possible. Great function, optimum reliability and incredible looks all by Roaring Toyz. Give us a call for more info at 941-953-4423


240 Wide Tire Swingarm Kit for GSXR 1000 2009 – 2015





Check out this video for more info about Roaring Toyz Swingarms

2012 Suzuki GSXR 1000 240 Fat Wide Tire Custom Extended Swingarm Kit

Over the last decade our wide tire swingarm kits have set the standard for sportbikes. We build the highest quality kits you can buy and have custom swingarms an kits covering many sportbikes from various manufacturers. Featured here is a 2012 GSXR 1000 sporting a +8 over extended 240 swingarm kit with chrome Performance Machine wheels.

Suzuki gsxr1000 240 wide tire custom swingarm 2011 2012 2013 2014 20152012 gsxr1000 240 wide tire extended custom swingarm kit Chrome PM Rear Wheel

We make both a double sided 240 swingarm and a billet 240 Single sided swingarm for the 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 103, 2014 and 2015 model Suzuki Gsxr1000. Our standard double sided 240 swingarm kit sells complete with front and rear forged custom wheels in chrome or black finish, swinger, front and rear sprockets, chain, rear brake line, rear brake caliper, caliper hanger, rear rotor, rear tire, bearings, spacers and installation hardware.

Custom Suzuki GSXR 1000 240 wide tire swingarm extended Chrome PM Wheels2012 GSXR1000 240 wide Tire Swingarm Kit custom chrome 8 over

Our 2009-2015 Suzuki GSXR 1000 240 Billet Single Sided Swingarm Kit is the the highest quality most premium piece of equipment you can buy for any sportbike. Our single sided swingarm is cut from one large chunk of billet aluminum and is polished and black anodized or chrome plated. The rear drive assembly is the best in the business incorporating a hardened steel rear splined spindle with a full rubber cusg=h drive system to dampen the blow between your rear wheel and transmission. Our single sided swingarm kit is available in lengths from+2-+12 over stock and comes complete with front and rear wheels, swingarm, rear tire, chain, sprockets, rear brakes, cush drive, bearings and all required installation hardware.

2012 2013 Suzuki GSXR1000 Single sided swingarm 240 wide tire kit

GSXR 1000 240 single sided swinarm kit2012 Billet SSS GSXR 1000

For more information or to make an order call 941-953-4423

or email Robert@roaringtoyz.com







Custom Wheels for Polaris Slingshot Many Packages Available Call to have us build a kit for you!

Polaris Slingshot Wide Tire 345 20x12 Custom Wheels Rims

We have spent the last few months fitting and testing over 75 different sets of custom wheels and tires to the new Polaris Slingshot to determine what will work and what will not. While the Slingshot has a very common bolt pattern the offsets and caliper clearances can offer quite a challenge in fitting custom wheels. On top of that the factory electronics and traction control requires the correct front and rear diameters to keep things in sync. After much trial and error we have so far developed about 25 BOLT ON wheel and tire packages that are available to make life easy.  Below are a few more of our custom wheel and tire kits now available.

Polaris Slingshot Chrome Custom Wheels 20 22 Inch Big WideCustom Polaris Slingshot Chrome Wheels 20 22 Inch Front Rear Tires 305

After a ton of work searching we have landed on a few different chrome wheel styles that we can fit to the Polaris Slingshot. Chrome wheels are becoming rare these days due to the plating process and with the SS reverse trike being challenging to fit wheels to pairing it with chrome wheels can be tough. These sets of wheels come with a 20 Inch front wheel and 22×10.5 rear wheel mounted with a wider 305 rear tire, If you are looking to put Chrome wheels on your Polaris Slingshot SL, Base model or SLE we have kits ready to ship.

Chrome Custom Polaris Slingshot Wheels 20 22 PackageSlingshot Chrome Custom Wheels Rims 20 22 Inch Fat Rear 305

Keep in mind all of our wheel kits come with tires mounted and balanced ready to bolt directly to your Slingshot and are provided with any hardware required to make installation quick and simple. Just pull your lugs bolt these on and go drive! We have done all the work to make sure our kits fit correctly and work with all the factory electronics. All of our wheel kits have been tested on our own personal cars to make sure what you get is right!

Polaris Slingshot Custom Wheels wide rear wheel black 345 tire 20 inchBig Meat Polaris Slingshot Custom Wheels 345 Rear Tire

Our new “BIG MEAT” package offers the widest street tread tire you can fit to the Slingshot with the factory swingarm keeping the wheel centered! These wheels are available in a black or silver finish and again come with tires mounted and balanced to bolt right to your car.

Polaris Slingshot Widest Rear Wheel 345 Rear TirePolaris Slingshot Wide Tire 345 20x12 Custom Wheels Rims

If you are looking for traction on the back of your Slingshot we have our “Look & Hook” wheel package kit. This wheel and tire combinations with not only make your slingshot look impressive with a fat rear tire and custom wheels but will provide the highest level of traction in the rear. On this kit we stretch a 315 Toyo R888 super sticky race compound rear tire over a 20×11 Inch rear wheel. We can pair this with either a 19″ or 20″ set of wheels at the front to give you one hell of a package. This kit will make you look good going slow and give you the ability to stomp the gas and get that SS moving quick!

Look and Hook Custom Polaris Slingshot Wheels silver 20x11 315 race tireSlingshot custom wheels 20x11 rear 315 race tire toyo r888 wide fat

Slingshot Performance Custom Wheels Tire race Compound 315 TirePolaris Slingshot wide rear wheel 315 race tire 20x11 performance

Check out our webstore at http://www.buynowroaringtoyz.com/Polaris_Slingshot_Custom_Parts_s/1246.htm for many more wheel sets and Polaris Slingshot custom parts or give us a call at 941-953-4423


Our 26″ Bagger Bolt On Wheel Package on 2009 CVO Roadglide

2009 CVO Roadglide Custom 26 inch front wheel bolt on rake kit

This 2009 Harley Davidson is a great example of how are 26 Bolt On Wheel package can make your bike look great! We added our Bolt On Raked Neck and Triple Trees, Performance Machine Icon 26 Inch chrome front wheel and our 26″ Classic Fiberglass Front Fender. We sell a complete front end package that includes front wheel, front tire, raked neck and triple trees, front fender and upper fairing bracket set for the bolt on rake to reposition the upper fairing for the larger wheel.

2009 Roadglide CVO custom 26 inch wheel classic style fiberglass front fender PM Icon wheelCustom Harley Roadglide Ape Hanger Handlebars 12 Inch Chrome 26 Classic Stykle Front Fender

On this CVO we not only added the large 26″ custom front end kit but added a set of 12″ chrome apehanger handlebars and our Roaring Toyz Chrome Pin Stripe Floorboards. We custom Painted the front fender to match the CVO paint job and added some chrome highlight parts here and there.

Custom Harley Roadglide Raked bagger 26 Inch wheel Bolt On Rake Neck Kit Triple trees

We stock a ton of custom parts for Harley Davidson Touring Models Streetglide, Roadglide, Road King, Electraglide, Ultra Classic, Ultra Limited. Give us a call for custom parts or a complete kit to get your custom bagger looking and riding good. Check out our big front wheel kit packages here http://www.buynowroaringtoyz.com/Bagger_Front_Wheel_Kits_23_26_30_s/1117.htm

Call 941-953-4423

or email Robert@roaringtoyz.com for more info

Polaris Slingshot Custom Wheels Packages 20 Inch 22″ Wide Rear Tire Rims



We have many different styles of custom wheels to fit the new 2015 Polaris Slingshot. Our wheel and tire packages are well thought out and have the correct bolt pattern, offsets, caliper clearance and aspect ratios to work with the factory electronics and traction control.

20 Inch Polaris Slingshot Custom Front Wheel Tire Forged Black Machined

Custom Wheels Polaris Slingshot 20 22 Inch Forged Wide Rear 305Custom Wheels Polaris Slingshot 20 22 Inch Style 8 Forged Rims

We offer different packages such as bling packages with bigger wheels and tires for looks, Performance packages with lighter weight wider wheels wrapped in racing compound performance tire or a mix of both. We have packages with wheels in many sizes, styles and options. Give us a call so we can build a custom wheel package to your specific desires!

Polaris Slingshot Custom Performance Wheel Tire Package 20 Inch Style 6 315 Wide Rear Race TirePerformance Wheel Tire Polaris Slingshot Custom 20 Inch Wide Fat Rear Tire Traction

Our kits are available for the Polaris Slingshot Base and SL model. All our wheels are strong, top quality wheels and will hold up to any abuse you throw at them. Our packages bolt up in minutes and will have you looking and riding better!




Contact Robert@roaringtoyz.com


Polaris Slingshot Custom Wheels Wide Tire Rear 22×11″ and 20″ Front Rims

Custom Polaris Slingshot Wheels 20 Front 22 Inch Rear Fat Wide Rims Tires

Here is another custom wheel tire package we have created for the 2015 Polaris Slingshot. This is a bolt on kit with 20 inch front wheels and a 22×11 inch wide rear wheel spreading a 305 tire. This kit is a direct bolt on and is available now in our online store. Wheels can be offered in many different finishes and other tire combos are available.

Polaris Slingshot Custom 22 Inch Rear Wheel 22x11 Wide Fat TirePolaris Slingshot Custom Wide Tire rear Wheel 22x11 Inch Centered Bolt On

Polaris Slingshot SL Custom Wheels Rims Fat Wide Tire 20 22 Inch Bolt On

So we are digging into these slingshots and are currently testing different wheel/tire/size combinations to make sure we offer bolt on set ups that work with the SL and Base model Slingshot. All of our wheel packages come with tires mounted and balanced with all the hard work done! This means you can bolt our set up directly to the Slingshot and will have no issues. We account for the traction control and are keeping the ratios right to not upset the electronics in the SS. Our wheel sets have the correct bolt pattern, offsets, caliper clearance and aspect ratios so you will have no problem. YES the rear wheel is centered and the SS drives great. We have found that the larger 20 Inch front wheel paired with the 22 Inch rear wheel drives great and actually smooths out the ride a bit. Our wheel sets come wider rear wheels allowing use of a fat rear tire offering more traction at the rear.

We are currently working on several different rim tire packages ranging from bigger diameter bling wheel packages for looks, wider rear wheels for looks, and performance packages with wider wheels and R spec tires for better performance . We have combinations for everyone so if you don’t se what you like call us!!

Contact us at 941-953-4423

Email Robert@roaringtoyz.com

Stay Tuned we have many more custom parts and wheel packages in the works for the Slingshot!






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