We Fought the Law

If you’re one of the 8.3 million people who have seen Icon’s Drift 2 video on YouTube, you probably saw the Roaring Toyz logo pop up – after all, our custom single-sided swingarms gave the Triumph Speed Triples an extra kick of drifting style and six inches of stretch. Nick “Apex” Brocha and Ernie Vigil are on the run from the local law, and they ride every direction but straight as they navigate twisty mountain roads.

You’d expect that Nick and Ernie spent a lot of time practicing on the Triumphs, especially once the Roaring Toyz swingarms were installed.

You’d be wrong.

“We didn’t break them in,” says Ernie. “The video came together really quickly. We had a four-week window to get these bikes ready. The day leading up to us leaving for Portland to shoot, we had just gotten the swingarms on and gotten them painted. We went to Portland with bikes that had zero miles on them.”

Nick says that jumping on the brand-new Triumphs and immediately flogging the hell out of them wasn’t that hard. “This bike could be ridden more like a race bike because we kept the swingarm shorter: it’s only six inches over. That swingarm was really all we needed to make it a capable drift bike,” he says.

Robert Fisher had never built a single-sided swingarm for a Triumph, so it was a Hail Mary going into it for everybody. He had to engineer it to a standard that would keep us safe when we’re out there on the motorcycle. We relied on Bob to take care of us,” Nick says, adding that his swingarm was installed the night before the shoot…in his hotel room. Luckily, installation was quick and easy.

“The swingarms are a thing of beauty,” Ernie says. “I’ve never seen anything that had that kind of craftsmanship. To open a box and see a swingarm built out of one chunk of billet and without a single weld, it just blew my mind. The bike is on the showroom floor of my local dealership now, and people just flock to it. Bob outdid himself on this one.”

Nick and Ernie make the drifting look easy, as does “Officer” Dan Brockett in his Mustang chase car, but Ernie insists that they were all at risk. “That place where we filmed, there were 200-foot cliffs to rock bottom. If you flew off the cliff, you’d be dead. There were times when we’d almost be in the dirt, or Dan would be in the dirt. People don’t see that 200-foot cliff, and all it would have taken would be something little going wrong,” Ernie says.

Despite the danger, everyone had plenty to laugh about when Dan ad-libbed his lines. Nick and Ernie both name Dan’s scenes as their favorites, including one that wound up being cut: Dan performed the whole scene with a Russian accent.

Fans of the Icon Drift videos can expect more installments in the future. Nick says, “I’m really looking forward to the next one. Whenever you wrap one of these up, you’re always thinking about the next.”

And so are we. Look for more innovative Roaring Toyz parts in future Icon Drift videos, or go watch Drift 2 again. Just watch out for that rattlesnake.

Roaring Twinz: Evolution of the Street Glide

Roaring Twinz gives a custom V-Twin a facelift with a 30-inch front wheel conversion

Customizing motorcycles can be like a drug: the more you do it, the more you want. Plenty of Roaring Twinz customers can attest to the fact that a custom motorcycle is never really done. It just evolves. That was certainly the case for Mark Sollitto, who just can’t get enough V-Twin customization on his 2010 Harley-Davidson Street Glide FLHX.

Sollitto’s ride has already been featured by Roaring Twinz. The Streetglide has a stunning combination of both performance and style mods, including modified bodywork with an electric blue custom paint job by Roaring Twinz painter Ryan Hathaway.

Stretched gas tank? Check. Custom audio system? Check. Massive front wheel? Check.

Well, sort of. Sollitto had a 26-inch front wheel on his V-Twin, but he decided that it just wasn’t big enough. He took his bike back to Roaring Twinz boss Robert Fisher so it could evolve once again, this time with a 30-inch front wheel conversion.

Before the new, even larger wheel could go on, Fisher had to cut and rake the frame. The neck also had to be lengthened and lifted to maintain the bike’s low stance while making room for the large new wheel.

Billet CNC-machined raked offset triple clamps were also necessary, and they sit atop extended fork tubes and cowbells.

The 30-inch beast is a MetalSport Don Juan chrome-plated wheel with a matching 13-inch Don Juan brake rotor. A hand-laid Vee Rubber tire wraps around the Don Juan wheel, ensuring that the front end of the Street Glide keeps a solid grip on the road.

All of that is topped by a 30-inch steel wrap-style front fender, custom painted to match the bike.

It seems like a lot of work just to add one 30-inch wheel, but Fisher assures that creating a custom V-Twin is about more than bolting on aftermarket accessories. A customizer has to consider both looks and the ride: the best customs are safe and easy to ride, and Roaring Twinz prides itself on building the best customs.

Are you looking for a few custom touches to your own FLHX, bagger or touring V-Twin? Even if you’re not ready for a full 30 inches, Roaring Twinz can still help you build the perfect custom V-Twin for you. Whatever you ride, Roaring Toyz can customize it, including all Harley touring models, such as the Streetglide, Roadglide, Road King, Ultraglide and the Electraglide Classic.

Go ahead. Let your custom V-Twin evolve with Roaring Twinz.

Roaring Twinz: Stand Out with a 23-inch Wheel Conversion





There are a lot of Harley-Davidsons on the road out there, so why would you want to look like everyone else? With Roaring Twinz, riders can customize their V-Twins to make sure they don’t look like everyone else in the crowd. Expressing your style with a custom V-Twin can be as simple as adding a few aftermarket accessories or upgrading your wheels.

A front wheel conversion is a bold way to dress up a V-Twin, but it involves a lot more than just slapping on a new wheel. Recently, Roaring Twinz boss Robert Fisher gave a 2012 Harley-Davidson Streetglide an upgrade to a 23-inch front wheel.

In order to install the RC Components Drifter chrome front wheel, Fisher had to give the entire front end of the Harley an overhaul, including the forks, fender, brakes, triple trees, and even paint.

The Drifter wheel includes a matching 13-inch brake rotor. The chrome beauty’s stopping power is enhanced by a six-piston chrome brake caliper from Performance Machine and a custom extended front brake line.

Getting a huge 23-inch wheel on the front while maintaining the Street Glide’s proper geometry meant adjusting the rake on the upper and lower triple trees. From there, Fisher swapped out the stock front suspension for a system that offers superior looks and rideability. He added chrome billet hidden axle front fork tubes, as well as chrome billet cowbell upper fork covers. Internally, the forks got new springs, seals and oil.

Finally, no stock fender could ever stand up to the style of that gorgeous new Drifter wheel. Instead, a Custom Classic Style 23-inch front fender went on, held in place by chrome billet front fender brackets. It was then custom painted to match the factory Harley-Davidson Streetglide paint scheme.

Are you looking for a few custom touches to your own FLHX, bagger or touring V-Twin? The 23-inch front wheel conversion can be done on a variety of motorcycles, including all Harley touring models, such as the Streetglide, Roadglide, Road King, Ultraglide and the Electraglide Classic. Get a custom V-Twin and stand out from the crowd with Roaring Twinz.

About Robert Fisher

Robert Fisher’s two-wheeled obsession began with bicycles, when he worked at the legendary Pedal Pusher Bicycle Shop in Newport Beach, California. Fisher graduated to motorcycles at the age of 15, when he customized a YSR50. After moving to Sarasota, Florida, Fisher built motorcycles on the side before opening Roaring Toyz in 2000. What started as a parts and repair shop quickly became a haven for sportbike customization, fueled by Fisher’s season on the television show “Metric Revolution.”

The sportbike manufacturers began to take note, and soon Fisher had a working relationship with Kawasaki, customizing their sportbikes to coincide with new model debuts. Fisher has been featured in dozens of magazines, and his worldwide customer base includes celebrities like recording artist Ludacris, boxing champion Jeff Lacey and Tampa Bay Buccaneer Michael Pittman.

As the top custom sportbike builder in the U.S., as well as an accomplished roadracer, motorcycles are in Fisher’s blood. His love for V-Twins prompted him to branch out, creating Roaring Twinz in 2010.

Choosing Swingarm Extensions: A Life or Death Decision

Whether you have a 1998 GSX-R 600 or a 2009 YZF-R1 you can make your motorcycle longer, leaner, and meaner without emptying your wallet for a custom swingarm. Roaring Toyz Bolt On Swingarm Extensions make it possible to extend your factory swingarm 2-7″ over the stock wheelbase and get that incredible custom look for less than $500.

But before you even think of installing this part you need to understand why it’s so important that you choose quality extensions; this choice could save your life.

Swingarm extensions are a major chassis component. What that means is this part effects the structural integrity of your motorcycle. If your aftermarket mirror falls off your motorcycle while you’re travelling 150 mph on the highway you can pull off and you’re not going to be hurt. But if your swingarm extensions fail while travelling your entire motorcycle is going to fall apart and the results will be horrifying for you and your passenger.

So why would your swingarm extensions fail? Because they were made from poor quality materials or were not properly engineered and tested. Cheap swingarm extensions are cheap for a reason: they were produced using inexpensive, low grade material without proper engineering. Strong materials cost money. Engineers and designers cost money. Spending hours testing and re-engineering and machining parts to overcome every single design flaw costs money. So if you are considering purchasing swingarm extensions, and one set costs less than another, ask yourself why?

As a racer and motorcycle fanatic, Robert Fisher understands the importance of well engineered and built parts. Robert has spent ten years testing and engineering Roaring Toyz parts on racebikes and turbo bikes to ensure each part features uncompromising strength, performance and durability. And he has sourced the best material available so you can have complete trust in his products.

Roaring Toyz swingarm extensions are machined in house in Sarasota, Florida using aircraft grade 6061 T6 Billet Aluminum. Roaring Toyz swingarm extensions are easy to install and are made to exact specifications so they don’t just look good, they fit. As Robert Fisher explains, fitment is critical safety issue: “If the fitment is sloppy and loose and parts don’t line up properly then your brakes could fail.”

Part of ensuring your extensions are installed properly is ensuring you have all the correct parts. Roaring Toyz swingarm extensions are available in a kit containing everything you need to stretch your swingarm. The Roaring Toyz swingarm extensions kit includes a high tensile strength extended chain, Roaring Toyz exclusive stainless steel braided extended brake line, and an option to purchase Roaring Toyz lowering links and lowering kickstand. Stretching the swingarm may require relocation of your rear licence plate so you may wish to throw in the Roaring Toyz rear license plate braket.

Roaring Toyz swingarm extensions run exclusively on Ricky Gadson‘s Drag Race School Motorcycles; “I’ve been using Roaring Toyz swingarm extensions exclusively since 2006 and I can tell you that if you don’t want to spend the money on an aftermarket swingarm there is no other option. I’ve gone 1.30 60 foot times in the quarter mile using these extensions and I can assure you they hold up.”

Robert agrees: “I refuse to cut corners because it could result in someone getting seriously injured. I’ve used every resource at my disposal to ensure our Roaring Toyz swingarm extensions perform under the most rigorous conditions. If you purchase your swingarm extensions from another supplier be sure to educate yourself on how those extensions were made. It’s nice to save a few bucks, but do you really want to hang your life on a bargain?”

Roaring Toyz swingarm extensions are available for almost all 96 – 2012 models and are available in raw billet machine finish or black anodized contrast cut finish. Swingarm extension sets (left and right) start at $299 full kits are available for $499.  Save an additional 20% off all Roaring Toyz swingarm extensions and swingarm extension kits when you purchase before December 31, 2011.

For additional information visit http://roaringtoyz.com/parts_swingarms-ext.html or email sales@roaringtoyz.com

Swingarm Extensions and Lowering Your Motorcycle
When stretching your motorcycle it’s important to know that your bike will also have to be lowered. Robert Fisher explains why:
“People stretch and lower their bike because they either want to drag race it, or they want that long, low drag race look. But some people don’t realize that if you extend your stock swingarm you actually have to install lowering links, even if you intend to maintain the stock ride height. Every motrorcycle has whats called swingarm pivot downslope. This means that the swingarm pivot bolt attaching the swingarm to the main frame sits higher than the rear axel. As you move the rear axel backwards it raises the swingarm pivot and the motorcycle is actually raised up. You need to install lowering links to adjust the bike back to stock ride height.”

The Roaring Toyz swingarm extensions kit comes with an option to purchase Roaring Toyz lowering links and lowering kickstand.

“Our Roaring Toyz lowering links are fully adjustable which is really nice if you want to play around with the height of your motorcycle” explains Fisher. “If you lower your bike, you’re going to need a lowering kickstand as well” Fisher ads. “The last thing you want to see is that gorgeous custom stretched motorcycle hit the pavement because you forgot to install a lowering kickstand to accommodate that new ride height.”

Swingarm extension sets (left and right) start at $299 full kits are available for $499.  Save an additional 20% off all Roaring Toyz swingarm extensions and swingarm extension kits when you purchase before December 31, 2011.

For additional information visit http://roaringtoyz.com/parts_swingarms-ext.html or email sales@roaringtoyz.com

Roaring Toyz and Kawasaki Motor Corp Unveil Custom 2012 Ninja ZX-14R

When Kawasaki unleashed the Ninja ZX-14R back in 2006 they forever changed the landscape of the American Sportbike scene. Even more revolutionary than the big bike was the manner in which Kawasaki chose to market it. Rather than relying on the traditional racer endorsed advertising backed by knee dragging visuals, Kawasaki put two brand new big bikes into the hands of Robert Fisher of Roaring Toyz and asked Fisher to work his magic. The marketing minds at Kawasaki knew that in order to capture the interest and imagination of Sportbike enthusiasts they needed to do more than just demonstrate the bike’s performance capabilities; they needed to showcase the motorcycle’s intense aesthetic appeal. In response Fisher created two fully customized Ninja ZX-14R’s that would take the motorcycle industry by storm, popping up in magazines, blogs and videos from across the world.

So when it came time to introduce the 2012 Ninja ZX-14R to the world the marketing gurus over at Kawasaki knew just who to turn to. “I was incredibly excited when I picked up the phone!” Robert Fisher grins remembering the day he got the call from Kawasaki executives regarding the 2012 launch. “Over the past decade I’ve had an amazing relationship with the folks over at Kawasaki. Together we have worked on a number of exciting custom projects including the most recent custom Kawasaki Vulcan Vaquero. But the ZX-14R is close to my heart. It’s an amazing motorcycle that really transformed our industry, and my business, and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on the new model.”

Once the 2012 ZX-14R was off the truck and torn down, Fisher got to work integrating a variety of custom parts and accessories designed to accentuate and highlight the bike’s aesthetic and performance qualities. Fisher started by adding four inches of stretch to the big bike’s back end with the addition of a Roaring Toyz 240 CNC billet machined single sided swingarm custom contrast cut to perfectly compliment the Performance Machine Platinum Finish wheels.

“The custom contrast cut swingarm and the matching Performance Machine wheels look stunning on this bike!” Fisher exclaimed. Having spent over a decade designing, engineering, and testing his very own swingarms, Fisher is justifiably proud of this set up. “Like all Roaring Toyz swingarms, this swingarm looks incredible, especially when matched with the PM wheels, but it’s also going to stand up to the toughest riding conditions and that’s what really matters.”

To add a little more juice to the ZX-14’s already impressive performance Fisher added a Brock’s Performance Alien Head full Exhaust System. To ensure the ZX1-4R stops on a dime Fisher included Roaring Toyz own custom gold and black stainless steel brake and clutch lines.

As with all Roaring Toyz custom builds the devil is in the detail and the 2012 ZX-14R showcases a host of custom touches including M43 Powersports chrome plated clear clutch and stator covers, Roaring Toyz billet mirrors and gas cap and Roaring Toyz billet and rubber ‘Hustler’ grips with RSD billet bar ends. Roaring Toyz own billet contrast cut front and rear axle caps, Roaring Toyz contrast cut motor mount caps and contrast cut swingarm pivot caps ensure the contrast cut theme is carefully wound throughout the build, as do the Roaring Toyz billet contrast cut fork caps and contrast cut yoke stem cap.

Roaring Toyz Billet contrast cut lowering links enhance the 2012 ZX-14R’s aggressive stance while a cutting edge Roaring Toyz billet contrast cut lowering kickstand ensures the new ZX-14R sits sturdily.

This build was incredibly close to Fisher’s heart, so the paint job had to be exceptional. Roaring Toyz go-to painter Ryan Hathaway cloaked the 2012 ZX-14R in candy pagen gold paint with metal flake, highlighted with black accents and real 24 karat gold leaf stripes for a spectacular finish.

The 2012 Ninja ZX-14R was officially unveiled at the Kawasaki 2011 dealer meeting October 10th in Orlando Florida. Robert Fisher was on hand to unveil the bike, chat with dealers and talk to the press.

Parts List:

Full Service for a Harley Street Glide

When Ed Hennessey brought his 2008 Harley-Davidson Street Glide to Roaring Toyz all he wanted was a 26-inch front wheel conversion.

What Hennessey got was a fully customized bagger to match his stable of custom black vehicles.

Roaring Toyz boss Robert Fisher and well known v-twin builder Kory Souza –the resident Harley-Davidson expert at Roaring Toyz  – began with a Performance Machine 26-inch Paramount Platinum Finish front wheel. The installation process involved cutting the neck of the frame and welding on a new one that had more rake. The neck was also stretched and raised two inches to make room for the wheel.

The triple clamps were replaced with a set of billet raked trees with calculated offset to ensure proper rake and trail on the Street Glide. Even the upper fairing was raked to aim the headlight properly. Finally, the fork internals on the 08 Harley-Davidson were changed to improve suspension with the new wheel.

With the wheel in place Fisher and Souza went to work on brakes. A single-disc Performance Machine Paramount rotor was complemented by a six-piston caliper for stopping power. Other improvements up front included a set of Black Anodized Billet Hidden Axle Single Disc Lower Fork Tubes topped with a set of Contrast Cut Billet Cow Bells. The new 26-inch wrap-style front fender, Vee Rubber tire and custom stainless steel braided brake line—coated in white with red ends—completed the massive front-end conversion on Hennessey’s Street Glide.

With a completely customized front it was impossible to leave the rest of the Harley-Davidson stock. The 08 Street Glide got a set of Milwaukee Bagger stretched saddlebags and a stretched rear fender with a countersunk license plate bracket. Thanks to the integrated taillight and turn signals in the bracket, the rear end looks a lot more clean and sleek.

Hennessey wanted his Street Glide to match his other vehicles, so it got a flat black paint job highlighted with white, red and black pinstripes. Subtle, but a head-turner nonetheless.

Anyone who knows Roaring Toyz also knows that cosmetic changes aren’t enough to qualify as a full custom. The Street Glide’s horsepower got a boost with a Performance Machine Super Gas Air Intake with a matching Paramount faceplate and a Rhinehart full exhaust. The fuel injection was also remapped with a Power Commander.

And what’s a custom bagger without ape hangers? The flat black Todd’s Cycles 14-inch strip handlebars on this build were customized with gloss black pinstripes to match the body. Handlebar switch wires were run inside the bars for a clean look, and the grips are custom contrast-cut billet and rubber beauties.

Other Roaring Toyz touches include powdercoating, gloss black pieces for contrast, a custom seat pan in suede with red stitching, and rear air ride. Performance Machine upgrades include the floorboards, a heel/toe shifter, and a rear brake pedal.

Anyone who sees this Roaring Toyz Harley-Davidson Street Glide on the road is going to take notice. But just in case, the custom Alpine deck with MB Quart component speakers  and amplifiers will be happy to announce the bike’s arrival. For Roaring Toyz and this Street Glide, it’s all about looking good, riding hard, and letting everyone know it.

Harley Davidson Street Glide with 26″ Front Wheel

Street Glide Style

After getting three sportbikes customized by Roaring Toyz, one customer is ready for a different kind of ride.

Mark Sollitto knew exactly what he was getting himself into when he took his 2010 Harley-Davidson Street Glide FLHX to Robert Fisher at Roaring Toyz. Sollitto has been a Roaring Toyz customer for over a decade, and he’s got three custom Yamaha R1s to prove it.

After getting his sportbikes transformed by Roaring Toyz, Sollitto knew it was time to give his Street Glide the same treatment. “I’ve always had Harleys, and I wanted to customize one. They’re a lot more comfortable to ride than sportbikes,” explains Sollitto.

The frame of the Street Glide has been cut and raked to make way for the 26-inch front wheel, which is an RC Components Drifter. The front end also has a single brake disc so more of that chrome wheel shows.

All that flash doesn’t sacrifice performance, though. The six-piston Performance Machine front brake caliper and the Progressive Suspension fork internals ensure quick stopping and smooth riding. Rear air ride adds to the smooth factor.

The performance mods don’t stop there. Roaring Toyz treated the motor to an RC Components air cleaner, a Power Commander, and Vance & Hines headers with custom large O.D. canisters. And, of course, the motor is impossible to miss since it’s flawlessly chromed.

The real eye-catching part of this Street Glide is the bodywork. The electric blue custom paint, laid down by Ryan Hathaway, makes this bike stand out in a sea of lookalike stock rides. For the full effect, take a closer look at the hand-painted pinstripes, skull and the Harley-Davidson script, which graces the tank.

Before getting its custom paint, the bodywork underwent a lot of work. The front fender is designed to wrap over the 26-inch front wheel. The gas tank, side covers and saddle bags were all stretched. The rear fender was stretched, too, and cleaned up with a Frenched-in license plate bracket and flush-mount turn signals and lights.

This Street Glide is loud without even turning over the motor, but it gets an extra boost in the sound department with a custom stereo system. The Clarion Deck feeds music to two 6.5-inch speakers and four six-by-nine inch speakers. Those four big speakers are hiding in the saddle bag lids and the leg warmer fairings.

If you had any doubt that Roaring Twins are the hottest baggers out there, then one look at Sollitto’s Street Glide proves their prowess. Even Sollitto, who has seen three of his other bikes turned into customs at Roaring Toyz, was impressed.

“I told Robert basically what I wanted, and he went above and beyond on the paint,” Sollitto says. “I love it! It rides good and looks good.”

Sounds good, too.

Read more about the bike in American Bagger Magazine (opens as a PDF file)

Parts List:

  • 26″ Front Wheel Conversion with single disc conversion
  • R.C. Components Drifter 30×3.75 Chrome Front Wheel
  • R.C. Components Drifter Matching 13″ Front Brake Rotor
  • Performance Machine 6 Piston Chrome Front Brake Caliper
  • Billet Raked Triple Trees
  • Cut and raked frame lifting and extending neck for wheel clearance and proper suspension travel
  • Chrome Billet hidden axle lower fork legs
  • Progressive Suspension Fork Internals
  • 26″ Wrap front fender
  • Stretched Gas Tank
  • Stretched side covers
  • Stretched Saddle Bags & Rear Fender with Frenched in License Plate Bracket and flush mount tail light & turn signals
  • Saddle Bags Lids with 6×9 Speakers
  • Air ride rear suspension
  • Leg Warmer Fairings with 6×9″ Speakers
  • Chopped Low Profile Tour Pack with quick release
  • R.C. Components Air Cleaner with Wheel Matching Drifter Pattern
  • Power Commander
  • Vance & Hines Headers with Custom Large O.D. Canisters
  • Custom Stereo System with Clarion Deck, 4000 Watt J.L. Digital Amp, 2 6.5 speakers and 4 6×9″ Speakers
  • Chrome 14″ Ape Hanger Custom Handle Bars with Internal Wiring
  • Custom Billet/ Rubber Grips
  • Performance Machine Custom Mirrors
  • Performance Machine Open Primary
  • Custom Low Profile Windsheild
  • Custom Seat to match Stretched tank


Bradenton Motorsports Park Sunday Run Day

This weekend (Oct. 30, 2011) we took a handfull of our custom Kawasakis out to the drag strip at Bradenton Motorsports Park to put all the Roaring Toyz custom motorcycle components to the test. We rode out to the track on our Kawasaki Vulcan Vaquero, ZX-10, Ninja 1000, and brand new 2012 ZX-14 custom from the Roaring Toyz shop in Sarasota, FL.

It was a great day for riding. Check out some photos from the Sunday Run Day:

See Roaring Toyz at Biketoberfest 2011

We’re everywhere at once again & this time we’re all over Biketoberfest in Daytona Beach, FL.

Come see our bikes & parts at three different locations Thursday – Sunday, October 13-16. Here’s where we’re at:

View Roaring Toyz at Biketoberfest 2011 in a larger map


See our new custom 2012 Kawasaki ZX-14 & our famous Vulcan Vaquero custom bagger at the Hard Rock display at the Dog House on Main Street

Daytona Dog House‎
601 Main Street
Daytona Beach, FL 32118-4219

(386) 492-5949


Our semi with our custom motorcycles & parts display is set up at The Car Shop just up the road on Ridgewood Ave. Stop by and check out all the custom bikes and talk to the team about customizing your ride.

The Car Shop Trailer Sales
950 Ridgewood Avenue
Holly Hill, FL 32117

(877) 258-1445


Come talk with Kevin about all your parts needs at the Küryakyn display at the Speedway.

Daytona‎ International Speeday
1801 West International Speedway Boulevard
Daytona Beach, FL 32114

(386) 254-2700


2001 Harley-Davidson Road Glide Custom with 26 inch Front Wheel

The latest from Roaring Twinz, this 2001 Harley Road Glide is ready to hit Daytona for Biketoberfest!

We just finished converting to a 26″ Drifter Front Wheel, Single Matching 13″ Front Brake Rotor, Hidden Axle Fork Legs, 26″ Wrap front fender, Performance Machine 6 Piston Chrome Brake Caliper, flip out stereo with 250 watt amp, and a set of 12″ Ape Handlebars with internal wiring!



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